The Summoners Night #3 - Presented by Tt eSports

The Summoners Night #3
League of Legends
5vs5 Summoners Rift
1. Place: 5x 3200 Riot Points + Skins
2. Place: 5x 2400 Riot Points
3. Place: 5x 1600 Riot Points
4. Place: 5x 800 Riot Points
Presented by:
max. 64 Teams (»Registered Teams«)
15.05.2015, 18:30 CET
No Stream this night, sorry.

Conditions of participation: Every player of your roster needs a totally free account on Click here to register for free.

Support: Feel free to use our support form if you need help or join IRC channel #escene for support during the tournament. Please join the IRC channel #escene at least 10 minutes before the tournament starts (18:20 CET) to receive the latest information and to contact the admins in case you need support. Admins are tagged with "escene|" in front of their name. You can easily join the chat by scrolling down the page to the IRC box. Enter your nickname and click "Join chat", that's it.

Please use the "submit result" button to submit your results!
Tournament procedure: The bracket with the matches will be released at 18:30 CET. You can contact your opponents by adding the team captain via his Summoner name or by contacting your opponent via IRC channel #escene. You can find the Summoner names at the participants list. The matches are played via a custom game which one of the participants has to create. The result must be submitted via the "Submit result" button. Screenshots have to be taken by the winner team. You will only need to submit them if there are any issues.