Battle of the Bridge - Rules


 League of Legends Battle of the Bridge Rules



1. General

  • It is not allowed to play in more than one team.
  • Every player needs a certified League of Legends account.
  • It is needed to join our IRC #escene Chat of min. one of your team during the tournament. If you have any questions ask them in the IRC.
  • Every game could be streamed by an official streamer of He is allowed to stream every game he wants to. There is no chance to disagree.

2. Course of event

  • Every round is played in best-of-one modus.
  • After the game you need to use the "Submit result" button to submit your result.
  • We want every participant to respect the common rules of fair play.
  • Your team will be disabled if you are 15 minutes too late. So you need to be in time.

3. Cheating

  • In the case you use tools or cheats you will be disqualified for this tournament and for the next tournaments either.

4. Punishment

  • Improper behavior will be punished by an admin.
  • Verbal harassment or offending against admins will not be tolerated and punished immediately.

5. Server

  • Map: Howling Abyss
  • Gametype: All Random

6. Disconnects

  • If somebody is disconnected there is no chance to replay or pause the game
  • If your got a League of Legends Bug its allowed to restart the Lobby