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Hydra about the WCS 2015: Bunny is in his best form lately

imageThe WCS Season 2 Finals are about to start this friday with the groupstage and the following playoffs. The Korean player Shin ‘Hydra’ Dong Won is also qualified and will be facing Park ‘ForGG’ Ji Soo, Patrick ‘Bunny’ Brix and the German Fabian ‘GunGFuBanDa’ Mayer in group A. We, from, took Hydra aside and asked him some questions for the weekend.

»Actually I don't mind if I face whoever Koreans or foreigners« Hello Hydra, with ForGG, Bunny and GunGFuBanDa there are many ZvTs and ZvP Matchups waiting for you. How did u prepare for the round of 16?
Shin 'Hydra' Dong Won: I'm just practicing on Ladder both in EU, KR server. I don't prepare a specific matchup.
But I have two terrans in my group of this WCS, so I want to focus on Terran this time!

In Group A your first match will be against the Danish Terran Player Bunny. How do you see your chances against him? 
He has a very good form lately, Also I lost against him in a showmatch. He's a dangerous player for sure but I've won so many games against him so far, which means I know exactly what his style is.

In the last couple of years u were playing in the Global StarCraft II League in Korea. Do prefer to face less Koreans and face more international opponents? 
Hm. Actually I don't mind if I face whoever Koreans or foreigners, I'm just thinking my opponent is a professional player when I'm playing the game.

After a sovereign groupstage you still got many players to face. Who is the player you fear the most in the last 16? 
There are so many good players, especially JD and Polt. Both players have so much experience. But on the other side, I’ms really happy to play against both players because they're strong players for sure. It always makes me excited.


Is winning the tournament a goal you set yourself for this year? 
Sure. especially the WCS.

»It needs quite a lot of money to get the U.S. visa and so much time and you have to
proof on how you are professional player

Besides you Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai from ROOT Gaming was able to qualify for the best 16. Are you training with him or with any other teammate for your matches against Bunny, ForGG or GunGFuBanDa, or are you just spamming the ladder against random opponents? 
As I said before, I don't prepare specific matchups. Just laddering and reviewing some VODs from Proleague or other individual leagues. 

You have been the flagship for CJ Entus until September 2014. Now you are playing for the American team ROOT Gaming. Was it a hard switch in terms of daily routine between the American and the Korean Scene? Or do you even say there are many similarities? 
In my opinion, that wasn't hard for me. It needs quite a lot of money to get the U.S. visa and so much time and you have to proof on how you are professional player to the U.S. embassy in Korea.
Everything works in English. I think that the biggest problem for Korean progamers is to get a visa. And about progaming both countries, Korean has their own system, and huge salaries, which means you have to follow their order. A little bit strict system I'd say. But I don't think It's bad. It helps a lot to improve game skills for progamers. And American teams have a pretty free system. You can control your sleep schedule and practice as well. Everything depends on you.


»Here in America I don't feel really nervous before teamleagues in ROOT house.«

The round of the best 16 will be hold in Toronto, Canada this year so it’s not that far journey from California to Toronto. Do you rather play in the areas around your teamhouse or do are the far journeys to other continents your more favored thing? 
First when I came to the U.S, I wanted to go to many countries as I can. But I realize that sometimes it is really hard to control my form because of the long flights and journeys. so Now I want to go short trips if I can but If there is a big prize money, I can go everywhere 

The beta of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is around for a couple of months now. Did you already take a look into it and if so, how do you like the changes compared to Heart of the Swarm? 
I already played a few games. I was really impressed about the changes. Especially starting with 12 drones, that would/could be changing the aspect of every game.

Compared to the Proleague, the teamleagues SHOUTcraft, Clan Wars and SC2Improve Team League are more an easy caliber four you. Would you rather play for Korean teams again or do you like it, as it is at the moment?
I played some teamleagues in the ROOT house but It's pretty different. In korea, you have to go to the venue and there are many fans. But here in America I don't feel really nervous before teamleagues in ROOT house.


Finally we do a quick "Ask and answer”

What was your first nickname in the internet in general? 

Korea or America? 

Roach or Zergling? 

Who is from your point of view the best StarCraft II player at the moment? 

Rush or lategame? 

Your favorite StarCraft II map at the moment? 
Expedition Lost

10 Pool or proxy Hatch? 

Your first computer game? 

Your favorite singer?

A huge thank you for the interview Hydra, the last words are of course yours.
My form is getting better since I've moved to California because my team root gaming is helping me a lot. I'm really enjoying playing tournaments with wearing the root jersey. Thanks a lot. Please follow me on Twitter!

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