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Trump: Mech-Aggro decks are pretty scary

imageJeffrey 'Trump' Shih is one of the best-known Hearthstone players and the major of Value-Town. Now he answered us some questions about the new Hearthstone expansion 'Goblins vs. Gnomes' and tells us why it was the right desicion to move from Starcraft 2 to Hearthstone. As the major of Value-Town he always tries to use all the value of the card he plays.

escene: First of all, how excited have you been as you heard the announcement for GvG and did it live up to your expectations?
Trump: I was very excited to hear the amount of cards being released.  After about an hour, some of the more obvious decks have been made (and some unusual ones!) and everything is still quite uncertain. I love it!

What are your predictions for the Hearthstone meta to change? Probably even more aggro decks due to the new mech synergies?
Some of those new mech aggro decks are pretty scary.  Perhaps the wave of 1. Aggro decks 2. Anti-aggro decks 3. Anti-anti-aggro decks (Control) decks  4.  Aggro decks.  We're somewhere between 1 and 2 right now.

Many people feel disappointed by the new Mage and Paladin legendaries. Are they really as bad
as people say or do we just need to wait and see?
Bolvar Fordragon has gotten a lot more respect since people have been playing it.  Flame Leviathan not so much, but I still hold a belief it's reasonable.

Do you appreciate the changes GvG came with? The nerfs and the most likely meta changes?
Yes / combine with previous answer.

Have there been any cards you especially looked forward too, because they were extremely useful or just funny?
I really looked forward to Sneed's Old Shredder, the ultimate control card when fighting against other control.  I can't pull it off yet, but someday!

Besides from GvG, why did you leave the competitive SC2 scene and go on to Hearthstone? After all this time, do you think it was the right decision?
I don't have the actions per minute to play SC2, sometimes in Hearthstone I even rope still!  Yes, it's the right decision to play something I'm good at which people enjoy watching.

Like many professional Hearthstone players you are also a streamer. Do you prefer one over the other or is it the mixture out of both you like?
Both are good, my streams tend to be of me practicing/getting better so that I can compete with those pro players.  Pretty convenient.

To bring this interview to an end, Goblins or Gnomes?
Gnomes!  More steady research, less explosives!

If you want to see more of Trump. Be sure to check out his Youtube and Twitch channel!
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