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Update: NiP confirms that they are looking for a LoL team, but it won't be Sinners Never Sleep

imageYesterday we reported that Swedish organization NiP is about to pick up a LoL division for the upcoming LCS Europe qualification. Sources told us that it will be Sinners Never Sleep, the winner of the Go4LoL LCS Summer Promotion Qualifier. Niklas Fischier, one of the owners of Ninjas in Pyjamas, confirmed to that NiP is indeed on the hunt for a League of Legends team, but he also clarified that it won't be Sinners Never Sleep. Although no decision has been made until now, Fischier said that there are "two or more teams that would fit" their wishes at the moment. We will of course keep you up to date about that topic in the future.

Full Statement of Niklas 'Fiskoo' Fischier to
Even tho it's not completely untrue that we indeed are on the hunt for a LoL team for the future, we are not in negotiations with Sinners atm. We are still looking and investigating. This is a complex process of course for us. We want a line up for the future and that makes team chemistry more important than recent wins for example. We want potential and chemistry. So we need more time atm. We see that there are two or more teams that would fit our wishes. But we will not rush in to anything just to get a representation in LoL. We put so much time and effort in building the CS team and we would like to use the same formula when choosing LoL team if possible. NiP is a family now, so chemistry is key.

Update: Statement Joe 'InnerFlame' Elouassi, Team Manager of Sinners Never Sleep
I am glad to hear that NiP are looking to expand into League of Legends and I am rather suprised to hear this statement, I only know that NiP are looking into LoL and it is already a honor to know that they know of us. I am also surpised to hear the possibility of even taking my team as we haven't even qualified for LCS yet. Infact, I'm extremely proud of my lads to hear that my team were even considered by a great organisation like NiP. I wish them the best of luck finding a team to join their family because a great organisation like NiP deserves to have a great team.
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