erstellt von TheHotz am 06.09.2017 um 13:52

MVP PK holt HSK; termi wird neuer Coach

MVP PK has revealed changes to their roster with Hae-Sung 'HSK' Kim replacing Seon-Ho 'termi' Pyeon in the active lineup, with the latter taking over Ronald 'Rambo' Kim's coach position, who will be assisted by Soon-Woo 'Argency' Kwon.

Flagge Keun-Cul 'solo' Kang
Flagge Min-Soo 'glow' Kim
Flagge Bum-Ki 'peri' Jung
Flagge Min-Seok 'zeff' Park
Flagge Hae-Sung 'HSK' Kim
Flagge Seon-Ho 'termi' Pyeon (coach)
Flagge Soon-Woo 'Argency' Kwon (assistant coach & analyst)

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