erstellt von Skully am 22.07.2017 um 06:41

Die Top4 Helden im Arcana-Voting

We are now into the semi-finals of the Arcana Vote! Templar Assassin has fallen but Pudge is still in the running. [...] The Arcana Vote now enters its final stages with just 4 heroes remaining: Pudge, Invoker, Sniper and Rubick. For the semi-final the most played hero in Dota 2 Pudge will face the iconic and most technically challenging hero in the game, Invoker. [...] Of the four final heroes in the Arcana Vote Rubick has significantly less play time in the all-time charts. According to the DOTABUFF leaderboards, Pudge is the most played hero of all time with Sniper second and Invoker 3rd. Rubick on the other hand is only the 31st most played hero in Dota 2, making him the underdog heading into the semi-finals.

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