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FalleN: Jedes Turnier eine Chance zum Verbesser

DOT Esports
In this veto against FaZe, because it was a best of five we saw both teams obviously ban out their weak maps. The you knew you would have to play FaZe on one of their stronger maps like Train or Cache. Does that influence the way you call at all, knowing that you’ll be on a team’s stronger map?

Yeah, so I mean, I think for FaZe their best maps, in my opinion, are Inferno, Train and I think they have a good Nuke—which we don’t play, and I think they have a good Mirage as well. So we’re very confident to play Cache, we’re very confident to play Overpass and of course, we did some research on the maps we thought they would be hard on, to get a better perspective on what they could do and how they wanted to approach the game. But it’s very difficult [as a leader], sometimes, you’ll see them play against other teams and sometimes they’ll just have something prepared specifically for you as well. For FaZe, it’s about having an idea of what they want to do, but needing to predict everything that will happen in a match.

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